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It's Your Channel

We need your support to create word-of-mouth buzz and inform your cable operator and/or satellite provider that you demand The HBCU Network! If you want to get involved, this is what we need for you to do ...
  • Email, blog, text, facebook, myspace or hit your favorite site to ask all of your friends and family to contact their local cable operator and/or satellite provider and request HBCU Network get added to the channel lineup!
  • Contact your local community organizations (i.e., NAACP, National Urban League, legislative member, pastors, etc.) to get them to support bringing your channel to your community!
  • For Alumni associations, Greek organizations and civic groups we can provide you with "HBCU Community Action Kits" to distribute to your constituents!
  • To receive your FREE kit submit your information to presskit@hbcunetwork.com!

HBCU Network... Our Heritage. Our Legacy. Our Channel!

We Can Make It Happen!

Questions or Comments? ... ask them anytime at
Or e-mail us at info@hbcunetwork.com

Curtis Symonds
Darryl Heggans
SVP, Advertising and Sales
Clinton Evans
EVP, Marketing and Distribution
Managing Partner/Co-Founder
Curt Simmons
SVP, Sports and Entertainment
Candace Walker
EVP, Programming and Operations
Managing Partner/Co-Founder
Tara Humphries
Manager, New Media and U 105 Radio

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